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5D MENA is a software and IT solutions company with an innovative approach, international expertise, and pioneering orientation. Our company name reflects our view of the modern world where the internet has become a 5th dimension embedded in our reality and everyday lives.

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About Us - At a Glance

5D MENA is a software and IT solutions company with an innovative approach, international expertise, and pioneering orientation. Our company name reflects our view of the modern world where the internet has become a 5th dimension embedded in our reality and everyday lives.

Driven by Our never-extinguishing curiosity and solid belief in the potential of the digital world yet the obstacle of the digital divide by age, group, technological literacy, and financial capabilities of individuals, stakeholders, and service providers. We continuously push the envelope to create new ideas and bring them to life through dedicated solutions and platforms.

Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, along with our experienced development teams at our regional office in India (5D Solutions), We provide the best technological advisory and develop new ideas and concepts to create tailored solutions for challenging and unique business cases through close communication with our clients.

Vision, Mission and Values


Forge a new reality to improve mankind’s quality of life across the spectrum of our everyday lives through comprehensive, smart, and tailored digital solutions.



To identify and bridge digital gaps in all fields, laying out tomorrow’s digital landscape.
To bring innovative ideas and concepts to life through expertise, talent, and excellence.
To pioneer user-friendly transformative digital experiences in all aspects of everyday life.




We embrace innovation as our cornerstone, constantly pushing boundaries. From pioneering solutions to enhancing existing frameworks, with out-of-the-box ideas and inventive approaches.

Customer-Centric Approach

5D prioritizes understanding and meeting client needs, ensuring seamless collaboration. Through transparent communication and tailored solutions, we empower businesses and the public to thrive.


In the dynamic digital landscape, agility is key. We embrace change, ensuring swift responses to rising challenges. Our adaptive mindset enables us to navigate complexities and deliver timely, effective solutions.

Strategic Vision

The tech landscape evolves, and so do we. Anticipating trends, we proactively adapt strategies and technologies, ensuring our clients remain ahead in an ever-changing digital environment.

Global Impact

Our solutions transcend borders, empowering businesses not only locally but also on a global scale. Our impact is measured by the success of our clients and their business scalability worldwide.

Ethos and Approach


Our Ethos is embodied in the “Digital Handshake” which represents our logo and commitment to the best interests of our clients, partners, and society.

A legacy of trust and reliability to deliver the best-in-class solutions to our clients.


Our Approach

Methodical Selection

Innovation, Originality, and Impact are the drivers of our projects.

Systematic Development

Starts by clearly identifying the needs and creating a best-fit solution (SOW), followed by Software Requirement Specifications with user-friendly UIX design.

Delivery Guarantee

5D is committed to systematic, timely, quality delivery in all of our projects, products, and services.


Services and Areas of Interest

Where Intelligence Meets Innovation, 5D MENA empowers businesses and organizations to realize their full potential through a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technological solutions and innovative excellence that take any business to the next level.

E-Gov Services

5D MENA develops bespoke E-gov solutions suitable for any governmental entities and public sector organizations. We leverage digital technologies and process reengineering to help deliver quality services to citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders.
Our E-gov solutions are designed to ensure an improved quality of life, enhance social inclusion, and foster economic growth. We utilize the best practices and standards to ensure the utmost security, transparency, and efficiency of E-gov processes are achieved.

IoT and Smart City Development Services

With high capabilities and a wide range of IoT development services, We help our clients identify their needs and integrate cutting-edge technology into their business operations through firmware and custom-built IoT platforms to enable new product offerings, boost profitability, reduce costs in the long run, and optimize the utilization of resources.
In addition to IoT solutions, 5D MENA aids municipal and governmental bodies in developing and implementing Smart City concepts by engineering a sustainable software solution and architecture as well as best-in-class hardware infrastructure.

Automation and A.I.

Our experience in developing mega ergon applications enables us to give our clients the best implementation of Process Automation and AI experience using the latest tools and methodologies, to bring forth the highest efficiency of cost to benefit.
Our team’s comprehensive knowledge, innovative approach, and unwavering discipline can give any business a major competitive edge and improve its operational agility for an efficient transformation that enhances profitability, quality, and sustainability.

Social Media Marketing

In current times, new mass media has developed from conventional channels to interactive online platforms. The viability of social media is undisputed when it comes to growing any business and establishing lasting relationships between customers and service providers.
We help clients establish a strong online presence through PR consultancy, Reputation and Crisis Management, Media and Community Relations, Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Media Training courses all in collaboration with global players in the field.

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